The purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence to identify training and development needs at an organisation and or individual level, to devise a training plan and to explore the scope of training and development design to meet those needs.

Course Outline:

1 Examine the internal and external environmental factors influencing training and development requirements

2 Differentiate between the concepts of learning, training, development and education

3 Examine the impact of organisation strategy, policy, vision and mission on training and development

4 Examine the purpose of training and development in an organisational and or individual setting

5 Outline the benefits of training needs analysis at an organisation and or individual level 2

6 Assess a range of approaches and techniques to conduct a training needs analysis

7 Outline the stages in conducting a training needs analysis

8 Assess a range of Instructional System Design (ISD) models

9 Apply a comprehensive range of specialised skills and tools in identifying the barriers to training and attitudes to training in an organisation

10 Devise a training plan based on prioritised training needs to include a cost benefit analysis

11 Design a training intervention, that incorporates a range of design factors to include trainees, adult learning theories, motivation theories, objectives, exercises, training methods, learning aids, location and facilities

12 Develop appropriate training content and materials using a range of learning aids to include web based facilities, software, flipcharts and handouts

13 Evaluate a range of performance management approaches in the context of identifying training and development needs

14 Conduct a Training Needs Analysis(TNA) to identify training and development needs for an organisation and or individual

15 Identify TNA outcomes in terms of gaps in knowledge, skills and attitudes.



5 Days (1 day per week for 5 weeks)
A component certificate is awarded by QQI on successful completion of this course.
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