Course Aims :
Committee Management Skills is designed to develop the skills of officers both individually and collectively as a team, encourage teamwork and delegation of duties and the importance of planning for the development of clubs and organisations.   
Course Content:

Unit 1:    Group Structures.


Unit 2:    Aims and Objectives.


Unit 3:    Roles Of Officers - Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer & PRO.


Unit 4:    Teamworking/Working Groups.


Unit 5:    Role of General Members.


Unit 6:    Effective Meetings.


Unit 7:    Mission Satement.


Unit 8:    Importance of Planning.


Unit 9:    Organisation Review.


Unit 10:   Managing Change.


Unit 11:   Project Proposals.


Unit 12:   Open Forum.






12hrs/4x3 hr sessions.


On completion of this course, participants will receive an in-house cert.

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