As part of the Community Services Programme, in conjunction with the Health Services Executive, we provide a "Meals on Wheels" service for people in Ballycommon, Cappincur and surrounding areas.
This confidential service, available to people who are living alone, households consisting solely of older people and those recuperating from illness or at a point in time when they are not in a position to prepare/have a dinner prepared in their home. The service is provided six days a week i.e. Monday to Saturday inclusive and consists of a dinner - main course with and option of either soup or desert for which a sum of €3.50 per day is payable. (generally collected at the end of each week).
Meals are delivered between 12.30pm and 1.45pm each day. It is not necessary to take a meal every day and we would be delighted to cater for people who require a meal only a few days a week or those who may require short term service.  
If you wish to avail of this service or would like to know more about it please contact 057 93 53177 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday for further information.


We have established a Friendly Call Service in the area. We are inviting all Senior Members of the community to sign up for this free and confidential service, which is of great benefit to everybody.
When signed up, we will give you a call on the telephone as per your requirements, at an agreed time, just for a friendly chat, or maybe to give you information about what is happening in your area.  When signed up for this confidential service, you will always be in control and we promisewe will not intrude or interfere in any way. We will at all times do what we can to help. 
This exciting new service has been established since November 2013
Call 05793-53177 for further details.